Friday, December 9, 2011


            I’m having a little girl pout today.  It’s probably PMS because I can feel my hormones going haywire.  Its funny, I bet most women can’t even tell when their hormones fluctuate.  I can.  Especially after child birth.  You have nine months of feeling every little change.  Like your belly slowly starting to swell, along with every thing else on your body.  I miss feeling the baby move around.  Its pretty cool knowing that your baby is right there with you at all times and then having the reassurance that they are thriving in the little home you made for them is such a nice bonus.  Then, toward the end, you can actually see their little limbs trying to poke through your stomach.  But by then the anxiousness for your baby to be out of you is practically unbearable by month 9.  I’ll just sum it up by saying, “the no sleep and constant uncomfortableness is god’s way of preparing you for when he or she actually gets there.” 
            I don’t miss being pregnant but I do miss the feeling of them inside my tummy.  That memory should have just cheered me up, but it didn’t.  I’m still pouting. 
My computer cord broke.  Now I have to go to a computer store and look for something compatible with my lap top (annoying errand).  Plus, I can’t seem to make a nice mommy acquaintance at Max’s school.  Some of them seem pretty stuck up!  Like certain girls in high school, who thought they were just too good for you, but still managed to have nine thousand friends in the meantime.  It’s sounds like petty high school drama to ramble on about something like this, but like I admitted in the beginning, I’m having a little girl pout today.   One of Jay’s teachers just got on my nerves for something stupid, that shouldn’t bother me (not even worth writing about)  But today everything will bother me.  Except for the boys.  They have been surprisingly good today.  Maybe they can sense the mommy beast is here and they just know better than to misbehave.  Maybe I’ll let the hubby give me one of his smothering snuggles.  A big bear hug should do the trick.  Here’s hoping!

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